New short story in progress

Howdy, friends!

I have a new story in progress which will be called “Shinigami”. Shinigami means Death God in Japan. As “Kogitsune” has been inspired by the Noh theater play “Kokaji”, so will “Shinigami” be inspired by a Rakugo theater play called “Shinigami”.

The difference between the two is that “Kogitsune” was meant to be an adorable story, whereas in”Shinigami” I want to experiment with the character development, make our boys darker, more depraved and obsessed with each other. I want to see if I can build a character that would keep you interested in the story even if you don’t like him very much. A character who would do anything to keep the object of his passion close to him, and when that would be done he would rather see him dead than see him blossom with somebody else.

Planned publishing date on the site: around the end of December. 

I also have a cover for “Shinigami” that I want to share with you all:

Picture credited to © Umaporn Thoonkhunthod |

Cheers, XX

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