Happy Holidays

Today I turned 32 and had an awesome day. I went to the movies and finally saw “A star is born”, I binged the entire anime season for Violet Evergarden and ate my yearly Happy Meal where I got a Pink Spidey toy (like an absolute grown up) and found out McDonald’s does gluten free cheeseburgers now. 

This is what I have been doing for the past 5 years on my birthday. 

Now, as I drink my glass of wine to close the day in a cheerful note, I’m making a list for next year. 

On writing, here’s what’s gonna come:

1. Shinigami (Death God) – a coming of age MM story about a member of the richest family in medieval Japan in the 9th century (the Fujiwara clan), his servant and a Death God. The story was initially inspired by the Rakugo theater story with the same name “Shinigami” about an old man visited by a death god in the last day before he died. This will be a two parts story. The ebook version will be free, just like Kogitsune no matter how big it will get. 

2. Kogitsune – Ever After . I heard you 🙂 We need more of everything in Kogitsune, especially some steam. The reason why Kogitsune had a fade to black was because it was supposed to be a PG13 submission for an online magazine. Since the magazine didn’t accept it, I am now free to get as kinky as possible. Therefore in “Kogitsune – Ever After” you’re gonna get the fade to black part too. My friend Shin Mon gave me an awesome idea how. The ebook version of “Kogitsune – Ever After” will also be free, no matter how big it gets. 

I want to also thank all my friends who have read Kogitsune, especially Moony who has helped with the beta. 
Thanks to all of you for spreading the love for Kogi and Kokaji. :*

3. Sometimes I get writer’s block. To overcome it, I spew on paper the stupidest thing that comes to my mind just to help me get to the other side. In 2018 instead of just writing one or two pages of nonsensical spew, tossing it and starting again, the whole process has taken a life of its own and has turned into a 50K novel. The plot is on crack, the characters insane and it might fairly be the stupidest thing I ever wrote. There are dinosaurs, and shapeshifters, a human species that is fully hermaphrodite and another that does Mpreg, and I was this close from adding a pink spaceship in the shape of dick with subwoofers blasting the Macarena. Coming to all of you lovely people in 2019 under title “Vesper Unleashed”… I think. 

On reading, I plan to actually read 70 books because this year I stopped at 61 and didn’t reach the end of my reading challenge. But hey, I’ve read 61 books, 60 more than last year. To be fair to last year’s productivity I did watch 103 anime series (1,733 episodes X 20 min).

Since the holiday season is here, I wish you all Happy Holidays! And if you are celebrating Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Hugs and kisses,

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