Three quick news

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Hi all,

Three quick news:
1. Shinigami is now available on KU and will stay there until the end of February 2020 
Link Here

2. Shinigami received so far two Honorary Mentions from the judges of the 2018-2019 Rainbow Awards. Link Here

Judge 1:
“Reading the author’s introduction, I found the premise of this story intriguing. I’m not familiar with Noh theatre or the storylines this story was based on. At the same time, the prose was so clear and sparkling that I was drawn in, in no time. It’s a beautifully structured story — the slowest of slow burns, but gorgeous through and through. Truly a delight.”

Judge 2:
“I have never felt the attraction for this type of story but I must admit, the author’s writing style is one that engulfed all my senses and left me wanting more. It was a sweet story packed with a lot of feels. I wouldn’t mind reading the next book for this one was a HFN.”

3. Starting with 28th of November, 20 copies of Shinigami will be available for review on DBML Link Here

You can find more about DBML here: Link Here

You also need to be a member of the MM Romance group to access DBML.
Link Here

Hugs from Biko-chan and me!


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