The missing sex scene in Kogitsune

Yes, I did the unthinkable in Kogitsune. I wrote a sex scene with a fade to black. Mea culpa!

Kogitsune was supposed to be a short story submission for an online fantasy magazine. I had to follow the submission guidelines, which said “no descriptive sex scenes”. Boo!

After the magazine rejected the submission, I uploaded Kogitsune on my site, and focused on my next project. One week later, I started receiving requests from my friends to transform the blog post into a mobi file for an easier download. I cleaned it up a bit with Moony’s help and uploaded it to Smashwords. That was the last edit the story received.

When I published Kogitsune, the reception from the blogosphere was harsh in the first months. Over 25 blogs rejected my request for review, and only one blog from Australia picked it up called On top Down Under Reviews. It was disappointing, but I had expected little, since I’m a white Romanian author writing Asian mythological retellings. Seriously, even I would react with a quizzical brow at seeing Kogitsune for the first time.

That was 2 years ago. Since then, Kogitsune had over 1000 downloads/website reads/ Amazon purchases and made an appearance in Book Riot. Shinigami (book 2 in the series) ended winning two Rainbow Awards. The support in the past years was both unexpected and overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who gave the series a chance!

Why am I writing this blog post? To let you know I started working on the missing sex scene and you will have access to it via On top Down Under Reviews blog.

The On Top Down Under Reviews blog is celebrating its 8 Years Anniversary and Kokaji and Kogitsune will be there to help with the celebration.

I’m writing a short story from Kokaji’s POV which will be published on the blog on 23rd of October. The story starts from the moment Kokaji returns to the mountain to finish the Inari shrine. A special guest from Shinigami will also appear. *evil giggle* Those of you who have read Shinigami will know who that is. The rest might just be creeped out and confused. *2nd evil giggle*

If you want to read the short story, make sure you follow On Top Down Under Reviews social media accounts.


Twitter: @ontopdownunder1




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