2020 Year in Review

This year was a f**k trumpet, knobhead, dickweasel tw*t of a year, and may the thunderc**t piss off into oblivion at the strike of midnight, never to be seen again. And I’m only saying this because I’m a lady.

I started January with a plan to complete a 52 books reading challenge, but unfortunately life, the pandemic and my Labrador retriever level attention span got in the way and I managed to finish only half of what I’d planned to read.

The good things that happened:

  • I became obsessed with the All the Game series


  • I had the privilege of being a beta for the Mortal and Divine series


  • I’ve finally read the Raven Cycle


  • I cried at Suki Fleet’s books:



  • I fell in love with the first two books from The Wode:


  • I picked my courage and DNFed Gormengast after 15 years of trying to finish reading this snail paced brick




The not-so-good things that happened:
-My free time was pulverized by work and for weeks at the time I couldn’t even spend 30 minutes listening to an audiobook
-I had to bail on my friends’ buddy reads many times
– I couldn’t write anything because my mind was cluttered with work stuff

May 2021 bring you all better books, better times and a better world. 

How was your 2020 reading wise?

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