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Xia Xia Lake decided a couple of years ago that she wanted to spend her free time writing stories about mythologies. She was a student at the Bucharest University of Foreign Languages, Japanese Major – English Minor, where she fell in love with Japanese History and Ancient Literature. At twenty years old, she got hired in an IT corporation, where she spent the next decade forgetting everything she ever learned in school, including the Japanese language. In 2017, she took two months vacation from work and with the help of Kogitsune, she dusted off her school books and began writing as a method of stress relief.
This is how the Takamagahara Monogatari was born.

Xia currently lives in Bucharest with her husband and two giant Bucovina Shepherd Dogs. 

Xia is a pen name coming from the Greek “Xenia”, meaning “welcoming,” “stranger,” or “guest,” and is pronounced Zia, however everybody calls her Zaya. “Xia Xia Lake” is coming from Xia’s wattpad account: “xiaxiala” which after 2 beers on a late Friday night Xia had the brilliant idea to transform it in an unpronounceable pen name.

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