Looking back at 2022

There’s an evil character in Romanian folklore which needs to be avoided if he appears in your path. He’s a trickster meant to enslave you by taking for himself your riches, goals and sometimes even life. His name is the Evil Bald Man. I cannot help not laugh at the translation, it sounds funny in other languages. He’s a sort of Bogeyman for Romanian children and the Romanian word “Spân” used to sound very scary when I was 5.

2022 felt like meeting the Evil Bald Man somewhere around February when the war started between Ukraine and Russia. It’s shocking to realize that in 2022 nothing has changed in the evolution of humanity.

Reading wise, the first hit from the Evil Bald Man was the search for a 5 stars read which seemed a huge challenge. I don’t have any clean, memorable, 5 stars, the “I-would-sell-my-soul-to-read-you-for-the-first-time-again” type of books. The highest I could get was a 4.5.