Takamagahara Monogatari

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Dear Reader,

This series is a collection of stories set in medieval Japan, in the Nara (AD 710 to 794) and Heian (AD 794 to 1185) eras. I wrote the stories as “historical fantasy,” with influences from Japanese mythology and folklore, and combined them with my love for BL and Yaoi. That means the Takamagahara Monogatari series depicts love stories between two men. However, none of these love stories are written as “romance,” so beware.

Shinigami is the second in the series. It is set almost three hundred years before the events in Kogitsune—the first story—published in October 2018.

Kogitsune is about a young fox god (called a kitsune in Japanese mythology) and his childhood friend, and it’s a retelling of Kokaji, a famous Noh play. I strongly recommend you read Kogitsune first. The little kitsune’s story may take place in the future but it will not spoil Shinigami. If you decide to read Shinigami first, it will contain spoilers for Kogitsune.

There are more stories to write. You will find the WIP drafts in the subscriber-only space of this site.


Xia Xia

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Glossary: Shinigami

Glossary Agekubi [a-ge-ku-bi]: Nara and Heian era robes for males, high-necked, with a circular neckline and tailored sleeves Amaterasu [a-ma-te-ra-su]: Goddess of the sun Ame no Ohabari [a-me-no-o-ha-ba-ri ]: The sword used by Izanagi to kill his offspring Kagutsuchi. The literal translation in English is ‘sword of Takamagahara with blades on both sides of the…

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