I would like to add a BIG “THANK YOU!” to my wonderful friends who helped make this book better.

To my editor, Moony Eliver, the Wisteria Flower, whose touch shaped the book to ethereal heights. Without you, Moony, many things would have been wrong with this book.

To Gabi, the White Iris, who helped me bring purity and humanity to the characters. Also thank you Gabi for the final polishing touch.

To Rosa, the Chrysanthemum, a fellow otaku who gave me confidence about the accuracy of the locations and the vibe of the story.

To Cristina Massaccesi, the Sagisō Dove Orchid, another fellow otaku, who has agreed to translate the Takamagahara Monogatari into Italian, giving the series wings to soar to non-English-speaking readers.

To Laura Lascarso, the Tenjikubotan or Red Dahlia. Laura, you are one of my most favorite authors, and I am very grateful for all your developmental feedback, especially on Hiro’s motivation and Susanoo’s voice throughout the story.

I am very lucky to have met you all. Working with you on Shinigami has been the highlight of my year.

Arigatō gozaimashita. Thank you very much. Mulțumesc!

And last but not least, to husband who never complained when the bedroom was covered in ancient maps, research books, and paper balls. Love you!

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