Shinigami Chapter 25


Kannazuki: The month of October

Kannazuki. The humans called it The Month Without the Gods. 

The month when Amaterasu summoned eight million deities to Izumo, realm of the gods and land of myths, to confer about next year’s harvest and climate.

Izumo, the sacred place where Amaterasu’s grandson descended from the heavens and became ruler of The Land in Between the Reed Plains, empowered by his grandmother through a mirror, a jewel, and a sword. 

Izumo, where the first Shinto shrine was built, a thousand years before the Grand Shrine of Ise. 

Izumo, sacred land bathed by the headwaters of the River Hi, where I descended from Takamagahara. I held a dying body whose dark blood spilled on the beach and blackened the waters of the river, giving birth to an eight-headed serpent.

The summons came for me as it always did, sent on the wings of a white dove to the stone gates of Yomi. And like every year for the past three thousand, I refused the call.

Izumo, land of gods.

May they all rot in hell.

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