The Moonlight Flower (Takamagahara Monogatari 3.5)


Welcome to the draft of my current WIP.

The Moonlight Flower is planned to be published after Shinigami 2 will be finalized. It spoils a little the events in Shinigami 2 just like Shinigami would have spoiled you if you read it before Kogitsune. You need to decide yourself if you want to read this draft or wait for Shinigami 2.

A couple of warnings about what you are about to read:

  1. It’s gonna be graciously filthy, since ahem! it’s Kurohana’s story
  2. What you will read in draft zero and what you will read in the final published version will be two different things. For example, Shinigami V.0 and Shinigami V.10 had nothing in common. Halfway through I decided to change the entire story. This might happen to The Moonlight Flower. My brain works in crazy mazes.
  3. The writing quality will be at the level of a draft zero/ brain vomit sort of thing.
  4. There might be typos, grammar mistakes or missing commas. Boy, do I suck at commas. The Romanian comma and the English comma are so bloody different, I can’t wrap my brain around them. Moony, my editor, blessed she be for eternity, is the one who fixes these issues for me in the final version of the book.

If after all the above you still decide to read, you will need a password. The cost for the password is a coffee donation via Ko-fi. This will grant you access to all the draft WIP documents I will post on my site for one year.

Enjoy and thank you!


Xia Xia

2 thoughts on “The Moonlight Flower (Takamagahara Monogatari 3.5)

  1. I’ve been waiting to read this since Shinigami. I love that your stories are all connected in so deep, I feel like they actually happened.
    I hope a lot of people recognize your talent and hard work with these books. I wish you all the best!! 🤗🤩

    1. Dear Liz, thank you so much for your kind words! Hopefully you will enjoy the Moonlight Flower when it will be fully completed just as much as the other stories in the series! ❤ Hugs and I wish you all the best!

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